Multimodal Learning

What is Multimodal Learning? "Multimodal learning environments allow instructional elements to be presented in more than one sensory mode (visual, aural, written). In turn, materials that are presented in a variety of presentation modes may lead learners to perceive that it is easier to learn and improve attention, thus leading to improved learning performance..." (Sankey, et al., 2010). 

Students, teachers, and parents, in this folder you will find tools and resources to help with academic work. These tools and extensions are ways to write papers or read materials in alternative ways. For instance, many of your Adobe PDFs or webpage searches could be read aloud. For students who may have difficulty with writing, there is the option for voice-recognition systems, and many of these features are already included in existing software. For example, Windows and Apple computers already have voice-recognition built into their systems. If you use Microsoft Office 2010 or higher there is a function in Microsoft Office to enable you to listen to any word PowerPoint document.

In each folder you will find resources to aid you with different types of approaches to learning. Most of these tools are free or low cost. Some program installation may be required. Although I have tested these on numerous computers, there is always a risk when installing any program. 

Explore and enjoy.