Accessibility Guides

This is a collection of guides to enable individuals to make full use of their operating system or program. Many common operating systems have features which enable individuals to interact with their computer in a variety of forms including voice, large print, and changing screen design. Microsoft Office, Adobe, and other applications contain features for persons to change font, change background, and voice output.  

Microsoft Office

This link brings you to the website of accessibility features in Microsoft Office programs. Featured on this website are a number of video tutorials and accessible fact sheets. Some of the videos include how to use voice recognition and Zoom text features.

Adobe & Accessibility

Learn how to set accessibility preferences and tools in a variety of Adobe programs. 

Apple Products

Here you will be able to find information on accessible features for Apple products. The Apple resources link has a plethora of information on accessibility issues including problem-solving discussion groups.

Windows 11

This is a good overview of the accessibility features of Windows 11. This includes a step-by-step process for accessing and enabling the different features within Windows 11.

Google Products and Features

This offers a link to accessibility features and products through the Google platform. This includes Android, Chromebook, Chrome, and different features within the Google platform including Gmail, Google docs, and Google classroom.