Below is a list of resources for Google products and extensions with their descriptions directly from the Google Chrome page. Extensions can also be accessed at 

or with Extensions Manager. There are multiple types of apps which serve the same function, each with subtle differences.

Simply click on the program image to download or learn more.

Accessibility has award winning technology to make text easier to read, modify contrast, remove distracting content from websites and more!

ATbar is free and allows you to change the look and feel of webpages, have text read aloud and spell check forms. It is a simple tool which is available for most popular browsers. 

Announcify reads out loud every website you want. For example, if you're too tired but still need to study one more Wikipedia entry, Announcify can help your tired eyes relax.

BeeLine uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This seemingly simple tweak makes reading easier and faster because it allows you to transition between lines quickly and effortlessly. 

Caret Browsing gives you a movable cursor in the webpage, allowing you to select text

The Chrome Screen Reader extension is a showcase of a fully featured screen reader for the web built using only web technologies such as html and javascript.  This extension specifically works within the Chrome browser to read content aloud.

Cite This For Me automatically create website citations in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles at the click of a button.

Simply browse to the page you wish to cite and click the button to generate a correctly formatted citation. Then copy-and-paste the citation into your assignment, or add it to your online bibliography for safe keeping until later.

Color Enhancer is a customizable color filter applied to webpages to improve color perception, for people who are partially color-blind.

A beautiful Google Chrome extension manager to turn on/off other extensions quickly and easily without leaving your current tab.

Dark Reader is an eye-care extension enables night mode by creating dark themes for websites on the fly. Dark Reader inverts bright colors, making them high contrast and easy to read at night.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, font settings and the ignore-list.

With Diigo you can:

1.  Bookmark links to archive webpages or to read later

2.  Attach highlights & stickies to a webpage as a reminder

3.  Share pages with annotation via Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz

4.  Access anywhere, via iPhone, iPad, and Android.

5.  Create groups to pool findings, share resources or curate content

6.  Automatically cross-post to social bookmarking site Delicious (optional)

Ginger includes an intelligent and contextual Grammar and Spell Checker, AI-based Synonyms and a Rephraser to boost your creativity and style.

In addition, it offers more features like Definitions dictionary, high-quality text Translation.

Ginger for Chrome works directly in your preferred sites and corrects your texts as you type.

With Google Dictionary extension, you can:

1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble.

2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary.

3) Store a history of words you've looked up, so you can practice them later.

When you install the High Contrast extension, all pages are "inverted", so black becomes white and white becomes black. Press the "browser action" icon in the toolbar to toggle it on and off, or customize your settings on a per-site basis. Use a convenient keyboard shortcut to quickly change your settings while you browse.

Intelligent Speaker: Advanced text to speech reader with a human-like voice. Ultimate language and voice choice. Supports web pages, documents and pdfs. Listen to your content from any device.

Powerful, free to use, digital highlighter for web pages and PDF files. LINER saves all your highlights made across mobile and desktop. All the highlights will magically appear when you re-visit the page. Share highlighted pages instead of sharing the entire article. Leave sentence-level feedback on web pages by leaving comments on the highlights itself. Highlight Everything with LINER.

The Postlight Reader extension for Chrome removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site.

MyBib automatically create APA style, MLA format, and Harvard referencing style citations with our citation generator add-on for Chrome.

Simply browse to any page on the internet (including PDFs) and click the MyBib button to generate an automatically formatted citation for that page.

NaturalReader - Text To Speech, is a chrome extension that converts text online into natural sounding audio. Simply press play and have your Emails, Websites, PDFs, Google Docs and Kindle Books read aloud to you! With an extensive free version, and two paid premium plans there is a price range for every budget.

Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to the warmer end of the color spectrum after dark.

Read Aloud uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert webpage text to audio.  It works on a variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials.

ReadingLine acts as a reading ruler, helping to keep an eye on a line of text with a mouse.

Wonderfully intuitive and easy-to-use, Read&Write for Google Chrome™ provides personalized support to make documents, web pages and common file types in Google Drive (including: Google Docs, PDF & ePub) more accessible. It’s designed to help everyone engage with digital content in a way that suits his/her abilities and learning styles.

Reader View strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout for better readability

Speak It app converts text into speech on any websites. Select words or paragraphs and then just listen. Useful and convenient Speak It for everyone in six supported languages.

Sprint Reader is an easy to use speed reading extension. Simply select text on a webpage, right-click and select 'Sprint read selected text' from the menu. This will launch the reader window, the selected text is displayed word-by-word in a fixed focal position. The duration of each slide is calculated based upon a word-per-minute (WPM) setting.

Read two or three times faster, with SwiftRead. Absorb knowledge and learn more.

Use SwiftRead, the highest rated and most popular speed reading extension of its kind, to speed read through text in your browser!

TLDR This is a chrome extension (+ web app) that can take a painfully long piece of text and sum it up into five key bullet points using the power of NLP.

TTSReader reads out loud any page without leaving the page. Works continuously - even if you shift to a different tab. No tricks. No privacy violations. Does what it says it does - nothing else hidden under the hood.

Listen to news, wiki articles & more, directly on their websites.

As well as being a great general purpose screen dimmer, Visor's overlays and point of focus feature may be assistive to users with visual perceptual difficulties such as Dyslexia, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and Visual Stress. 

Count words and count letters of selected text in your browser using Word Counter

Zoom is a lightweight and useful add-in designed to get a perfect zoom experience. And if you have a bad vision (eye problem), or Lazy eye, or amblyopia. You can improve your vision on the current website with the Zoom browser extension. Increase the zoom slider to choose your best zoom scale.